Frank W. Watson Advocacy Award

Ascension Construction Solutions

Founded in 2017 in Columbus, Ohio, Ascension Construction Solutions (ACS) specializes in Construction Planning, Management, and Inspection. With a team that has deep-rooted experience in various facets of engineering and construction, ACS adeptly navigates challenges to deliver timely, client-centric solutions. The firm primarily focuses on Construction Management Agency and Construction Management at Risk projects in Ohio, typically under fixed-price contracts.

Aiming to be an industry leader, ACS is committed to building long-term client relationships and fostering a culture of professional growth within its team. Guided by the acronym R.E.S.P.E.C.T, ACS upholds values like rising above expectations and focusing on safety.

ACS is a 100% woman-owned business and holds multiple certifications, including MBE, DBE, SBE, EDGE, and LEDE. The firm is a past recipient of the OhioMBE Awards Top FBE and contributes to the OBDC Construction Academy through training and mentorship.

Daniel Odion

Daniel Odion, Lead Engineer at Ascension Construction Solutions
Armed with a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria, and a Master’s in Engineering from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, Daniel has a specialized focus on Sustainable Infrastructure Materials.

Over his 14-year career, Daniel has contributed to engineering projects in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Africa. His versatile engineering background has afforded him roles in both public and private sectors, encompassing everything from engineering design to construction management. His extensive construction know-how has been invaluable in addressing construction risks through cost-effective and time-saving solutions. Daniel is known for employing best practices to excel in demanding environments, all while leading project teams to successful completions.

Currently stationed in Columbus, Ohio, Daniel holds the position of Lead Engineer for Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QAQC) at Ascension Construction Solutions. Notably, Daniel has also generously lent his expertise as an instructor at the OBDC Construction Academy, earning a reputation as a dedicated and exceptional teacher.

Outside the professional sphere, Daniel is committed to mentoring youths, volunteering in charitable organizations, and advancing his knowledge through professional reading. For leisure, he enjoys playing soccer, watching movies, and cooking.

James Jones

James Jones is a Master Inspector with a focus on residential and commercial properties, and the visionary behind Home & Commercial Inspections LLC. With a career kick-started in 1998, James has evolved from roles in construction and project management to become an authority in property assessments. He has over two decades of diverse industry experience that he employs to provide in-depth property evaluations.

An esteemed advisor, James is certified as a Commercial/Residential Thermographer and a Master Inspector by the American Society of Home Inspections. His firm boasts a team of industry experts who not only pinpoint immediate repair needs but also provide long-term maintenance forecasts.

James’ commitment to community and professional development is evident as he regularly volunteers to mentor students at the OBDC Construction Academy. His excellence was recognized when he received the Top MBE at the 2021 OhioMBE Awards. Understanding that property investment is often a lifetime commitment, James is dedicated to ensuring clients make well-informed and sound financial decisions.