Media Legend

Khari Enaharo

Khari Enaharo is the thirty-year host of the widely acclaimed Straight Talk Live radio show on Magic 95.5 FM and He is the author of the Essence Magazine Best Seller Race Code War. His second book Sex Code War is scheduled for release during Black History Month 2024. Khari is a national lecturer, speaker, and workshop presenter specializing in race, sex, and color code words, images, rituals, and symbols. He is a former news commentator for the Bounce 23 TV News Report and host moderator of Khari Free at Last now playing on Urban 1 Columbus TV. 

Khari is the originator and developer of community empowerment organizations and events including the Driving Park Area Commission, 1981, 1982 and 2005 Columbus Black Conventions, The Black Women’s Voters League, The Black Caucus of Central Ohio, and The Columbus Civilian Community Board. 

He is a former cabinet member of the Columbus Mayor Dana G, Rinehart administration. While serving as the Vice Chair of Mayor Rinehart’s Transition Team, Khari helped reorganize city government, and was appointed as the Director of the City of Columbus Department of Human Services. During his tenure he introduced, funded, and administered more than 100 human service and community development programs to address the needs of Black and poor neighborhoods. Enaharo holds BS and MA degrees from Wilberforce University in Wilberforce, Ohio, and Antioch University in Yellow Springs, Ohio.