Logo Sponsor

We are delighted to offer you the opportunity to become the OhioMBE Awards logo sponsor. For a fee of $200, your support will be prominently featured at our prestigious event. Here’s a description for your sponsorship:

🌟 OhioMBE Awards Logo Sponsor 🌟

Be the shining star of the OhioMBE Awards event! As the Logo Sponsor, your brand will take center stage, gaining maximum exposure and recognition among our esteemed audience.

What You Get: 📺 Jumbotron Spotlight: Your logo will be showcased on the grand Jumbotron at Huntington Park, capturing the attention of all attendees in a larger-than-life display.

📖 Event Program Feature: Your logo will be prominently featured in our event program, ensuring that every guest knows about your generous sponsorship.

🌐 Social Media Spotlight: We’ll give your brand the spotlight it deserves on our social media platforms, reaching a wider audience and creating lasting impressions.

Don’t miss this golden opportunity to align your brand with OhioMBE’s commitment to supporting small and minority-owned businesses. Join us as the Logo Sponsor and bask in the glow of your generosity.

Secure your sponsorship today and let your logo shine bright at the OhioMBE Awards event! Thank you for your support of small and minority-owned businesses in Central OH.


Pay for your sponsorship and then upload your ad. Please call 614-522-9122 with questions or concerns.

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