Thanks, Columbus Zoo & Aquarium, for sponsoring the 9th annual OhioMBE Awards

The 912 Group announces the Columbus Zoo & Aquarium sponsorship of the 9th annual OhioMBE Awards. The OhioMBE Awards is a highly anticipated and celebrated event that aims to honor and recognize the remarkable achievements of minority, women, families, and veteran-owned businesses in Ohio. This year’s edition promises to be an exceptional afternoon filled with inspiration, networking, and the celebration of entrepreneurial spirit.

The networking luncheon will be held on Oct. 26 at Huntington Park in Columbus.

The Columbus Zoo has demonstrated its commitment to supporting small businesses, entrepreneurs, and underrepresented communities, aligning perfectly with the core values and objectives of the OhioMBE Awards. Their sponsorship helps elevate the event to new heights and empowers us to provide recognition and encouragement to deserving individuals and organizations who have significantly contributed to our community.

We sincerely appreciate the partnership with the Columbus Zoo and acknowledge their commitment to making a positive impact. Their support enables us to celebrate the achievements of exceptional minority-owned businesses and entrepreneurs, encouraging further growth and success within our diverse business landscape.

More information on the OhioMBE Awards is online at