9th Annual OhioMBE Awards to Celebrate Publisher Award Recipients Rev. John T. Coats II and Cathy Holloway

Columbus, Ohio –– The 9th Annual OhioMBE Awards is set to honor two distinguished individuals, Rev. John T. Coats II and Cathy Holloway, with the prestigious Publisher’s Award. These esteemed awardees have made significant contributions to the business community and have been unwavering advocates for positive change in Ohio.

Rev. John T. Coats II is widely respected for his profound impact on the business landscape. As a staunch advocate for small and minority-owned businesses, he has consistently championed diversity and inclusion in entrepreneurship. Rev. Coats’ leadership, both in the faith and business communities, has left a lasting legacy.

Cathy Holloway, President of HH&M, is a trailblazer in the construction industry. Not only has she led her company to success, but she has also dedicated herself to creating opportunities for small and minority-owned businesses. Cathy’s advocacy for smaller companies to secure construction projects in the City of Columbus and Franklin County has been instrumental in advancing diversity and excellence in contracting.

The Publisher’s Award is a testament to the exceptional leadership of Rev. John T. Coats II and Cathy Holloway, recognizing their roles as advocates for underrepresented entrepreneurs. Their remarkable achievements have had a profound impact on Ohio’s business landscape.

The 9th Annual OhioMBE Awards, will take place at Huntington Park in Downtown Columbus on October 26, 2023, from 11 am to 1 pm. This premier event will gather business leaders, entrepreneurs, and advocates from across Ohio to celebrate the outstanding achievements and contributions of Rev. John T. Coats II and Cathy Holloway, along with other exceptional honorees.

Tickets for the OhioMBE Awards are available online at https://buytickets.at/the912group. For additional information about the event, including sponsorship opportunities and further details, please visit OhioMBEAwards.com

OhioMBE extends its heartfelt congratulations to Rev. John T. Coats II and Cathy Holloway on receiving the Publisher’s Award. Their dedication to fostering positive change and promoting diversity in business is an inspiration to us all.