Dr. Michelle Spain – OhioMBE Awards Business Legend

Dr. Michelle I. Spain is a trailblazing educator and leader dedicated to empowering underserved communities and students to achieve economic sustainability as successful business owners. Through her interactive and self-directed learning methods, coupled with invaluable mentoring and business development tools, she has forged a path of innovation and opportunity.

With a remarkable track record, Dr. Spain has established groundbreaking small business assistance programs that have benefited ex-offenders, the developmentally challenged, minorities, emerging entrepreneurs, and international small business partnerships. Her dedication to nurturing entrepreneurship shines through her numerous achievements.

Some of her notable credits include founding and directing an award-winning mentor-protégé entrepreneur project for individuals returning from prison, overseeing the e-learning entrepreneurship program for the challenged and disabled, and leading international trade missions for minority business owners. Dr. Spain is also recognized for her competency-based curriculum development and instructional expertise in small business education.

Her dedication to promoting entrepreneurship has been duly acknowledged, with the U.S. Small Business Administration naming her “Advocate of the Year.” She has also played an instrumental role in various educational institutions, including Walsh University, where she served as Director and Associate Professor, leaving a lasting impact on countless students.

Dr. Michelle I. Spain’s commitment to fostering entrepreneurship is truly inspirational. She has left an indelible mark on the field of small business development, and her advocacy continues to transform the lives of many.

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