Why the OhioMBE Awards Matter to Minority-Owned Businesses


Every year, the OhioMBE Awards brings together small businesses, elected officials, business resource providers, and community leaders for an unforgettable networking luncheon. The event not only celebrates the achievements of minority-owned businesses but also highlights the continued necessity of supporting these enterprises. So, why do the OhioMBE Awards matter for minority businesses? Let’s dive in.

Recognizing Excellence

First and foremost, the OhioMBE Awards act as a recognition platform. For businesses, especially minority-owned ones, the path to success is often lined with unique obstacles. These awards highlight the excellence, perseverance, and innovation that have overcome such hurdles, setting a new standard for what is possible.

Opportunities for Networking

The awards ceremony is more than just a presentation; it’s a convergence of some of Ohio’s most influential people in the world of business and politics. For minority business owners, this provides an unparalleled opportunity to network with potential clients, suppliers, and even future business partners.

Providing a Platform for Advocacy

The OhioMBE Awards aren’t just an awards ceremony; they’re a platform for change. By honoring minority businesses and the people who support them, the event brings much-needed attention to the economic and social challenges that minority entrepreneurs face. The OhioMBE Awards serve as a yearly reminder to policymakers and community leaders of the work that still needs to be done.

Enabling Access to Resources

During the OhioMBE Awards, attendees have the chance to engage with business resource providers. These organizations often offer valuable resources, including bid notice distribution and certification support, that can significantly help minority businesses scale and succeed.

The Ripple Effect

The impact of these awards extends beyond the immediate benefits to the awardees. The media coverage, the buzz, and even the anticipation leading up to the event put minority businesses in the spotlight, paving the way for community-wide benefits such as increased investment and employment opportunities.


The OhioMBE Awards are not just a ceremony; they’re a catalyst for change, a forum for advocacy, and a celebration of excellence. They help to level the playing field for minority businesses, offering opportunities for visibility, networking, and access to resources. This is why the OhioMBE Awards matter — not just for those who take home a trophy, but for the broader community that stands to gain when minority businesses succeed.Tickets are avaiable at https://buytickets.at/the912group

We hope you’ll join us in championing minority businesses by participating in the upcoming OhioMBE Awards. Stay tuned for more updates as the event approaches.

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