OhioMBE Awards Business Profile: My Period Bag

SaraBella Johnson, is the Founder and Co-Owner of the My Period Bag company.

After suffering through the embarrassment of going to the pencil sharpener in class with a pad wrapper stuck to the back of her jogging pants in the 6th grade, she realized that “Period Education” was needed to remove the taboo and embarrassments around periods. She suffered from extremely uncomfortable periods and a heavy flow.  SaraBella was the poster child for 1 out of 5 students who miss school due to period complications.

Fortunately, while in middle school SaraBella had the ability and resources to earn an academic scholarship, the Linmor-Otterbein Scholarship, for economically disadvantaged youth at Otterbein College. In the 8th grade SaraBella launched her first business as a math tutor and volunteer storyteller and is now a Mathematician and serial entrepreneur. 

As one of SaraBella’s lifetime works, she has committed dedication to ensure access to reusable pads, period education, and PeriodPoverty awareness. SaraBella is the proud mother of My PeriodBag’s co-owners Jay and Bella. “My goal in life is to raise two beautiful, loving, educated, and caring human beings.  All while teaching the masses about My PeriodBag, My Hygiene, and PeriodPoverty Awareness”.

My Period Bag was awarded the 9th Annual OhioMBE Awards Top Family Business, presented by Pepper Construction.

More information on My Period Bag is online at https://www.myperiodbag.com/